MCOD118C: Introduction to Hospital Diagnosis Coding

Credits 4 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 4
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Provides an introduction to hospital diagnosis coding concepts, nomenclature, and ICD-10-CM classification systems. It includes discussion of inpatient reimbursement systems including prospective payment, managed care, and other third-party payers. An introduction to basic current hospital diagnosis coding systems principles in assigning valid diagnostic codes is presented. Official Inpatient Coding Guidelines developed by the American Hospital Association are utilized for accurate coding assignment of diagnoses.

Learning Outcomes
  • Explain diagnostic coding concepts and properly locate diagnoses codes.
  • Interpret and apply official coding guidelines for inpatients.
  • Differentiate between principal and secondary diagnoses in the inpatient setting.
  • Evaluate payment reimbursement concepts such as prospective payment, managed care, and other third-party payment systems.
  • Describe how coding data is used in Uniform Hospital Discharge Data reporting.