Hotel Administration

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NHTI's Hotel Administration certificate program prepares you for an entry-level position in the hotel industry. You'll explore positions and responsibilities as they relate to the size and needs of hotels, inns, lodges, and resorts. Courses transfer into NHTI’s Associate in Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree program. This program is financial aid-eligible and can be completed entirely online!

Do you have questions? Contact Aaron Conn, department chair, at or 603-271-6484 x4143.

Admission Requirements

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Health, Character, and Technical Standards

Technical standards provide guidance as to skills and abilities required to function successfully in this program and profession. Students must demonstrate:

  • The ability to act in a professional manner on field trips or at internship locations
  • Sufficient vision, hearing, and verbal abilities to express, interpret, and exchange information and ideas
  • The ability to work with frequent interruptions, respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and cope with variations in workload and stress levels

Although not a technical standard for entry, some positions require the physical ability to stand for long periods and lift up to 70 pounds.