PEM278C: Advanced Paramedic Practice

Credits 2 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 2
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Integrates paramedic knowledge, skills, and behaviors through practice and lecture. Students will hone leadership skills in the management of medical, traumatic, and psychological problems. Emphasis is placed on National Registry written exam preparation as well as career opportunities, affective behaviors, and preparation for entry into the EMS job market. Mental, physical, and financial health will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes
  • Develop a resume and cover letter targeted for the entry-level paramedic position.
  • Describe and display the professional behaviors that lead to successful job interviews,
  • Recognize the importance of career planning and describe opportunities for professional development and career advancement,
  • Draw from previous knowledge of diverse medical, traumatic, obstetrical, pediatric, geriatric and psychological problems to identify areas of strength and weakness .
  • Describe the prehospital assessment, recognition and management of common cardiac emergencies consistent with the American Heart Association’s Advanced Cardiac Life Support .and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.
  • Develop and present a multimedia presentation