PEM161C: Name Integration Lab I

Paramedic Emergency Medicine
Credits 2 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 4 Lecture Hours 0
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Formative, scenario-driven course designed to develop team leadership skills and clinical decision-making. Emphasis will be placed on paramedic assessment skills, and treatment aims/outcomes. Students will draw from the knowledge and interventions learned in Cardiology, Medical Emergencies, and Physical Assessment. Any failure in PEM 117C, PEM 150C, or PEM 142C will trigger a failure in this lab course, which includes the practical portion of the above listed courses.

  • Demonstrate history taking and physical exam techniques.
  • Demonstrate the techniques of cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm identification.
  • Demonstrate assessment, formulation of field diagnosis, and management of various traumatic conditions.
  • Demonstrate an appropriate affect when interacting with faculty, staff, peers, and simulated patients.
  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge as required by the National EMS Educational Standards.