PEM117C: Physical Assessment

Paramedic Emergency Medicine
Credits 2 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 2
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Provides integration of knowledge and terminology utilized for physical assessment. Included are life-span differences as well as the assessment of acute and chronic patients who present with medical problems. Any failure in this course, PEM 142C, or PEM 150C, will trigger a failure in PEM 161C (even if a passing grade in PEM 161C has been achieved).

  • Demonstrate problem-orientated and comprehensive health histories.
  • Integrate the principles of history taking and the techniques of physical exam to perform a patient assessment.
  • Explain the pathophysiological significance of physical exam findings.
  • Integrate physiological, psychological, and sociological changes throughout human development with assessment and communication strategies for patients of all ages.
  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge as required by the National EMS Educational Standards.