Paralegal Studies

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NHTI's Paralegal certificate prepares you for professional status as lawyers’ assistants with a broad academic curriculum that emphasizes the skills, substantive knowledge, and ethics. You'll learn strong writing skills, an analytical approach to organizing and reviewing material, and a foundation in word processing and computers. Although a paralegal works under the supervision and direction of an attorney, it is important that they be well-motivated and self-starting. This program is available evenings only and is financial aid eligible.

Paralegal work requires discretion and independent judgment; a paralegal works under the supervision and direction of an attorney. Even though a paralegal can perform many of the tasks that have otherwise been performed by attorneys, they may not give legal advice, represent a client in court, or otherwise engage in the practice of law.

Do you have questions? Contact Stacey Peters, department chair, at or 603-271-6484 x4274.

Admission Requirements

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Applicants are required to have:

  • 45 college credits in general education courses from an accredited institution; 18 of these credits must meet distribution and content requirements designated by the ABA in at least three disciplines such as English, languages, humanities, mathematics and natural science.
  • Interview with department chair scheduled once applications are complete
  • Two confidential letters of reference or completed Reference form
  • 200-word essay with reasons for choosing the Paralegal Studies program (to evaluate writing skills)
Career Information

This certificate trains students for professional status as lawyers’ assistants in banks, corporations, government agencies, insurance companies, and law firms. Formally trained paralegals with strong computer and database management skills should have the best job prospects.  

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This degree program is approved by the American Bar Association and is designed to prepare students to perform effectively in today’s legal and business communities.

Character Expectations

Background checks are completed by potential employers prior to obtaining any position with arrest or detention power and, typically, before being accepted for an internship. Applicants who have been in difficulty with the law may not be employable or eligible for an internship. Because future goals may be compromised, applicants are advised to discuss any concerns with the department chair.

Program Learning Outcomes

NHTI graduates will be exposed to the legal system and the role of paralegals within the profession, the ethical rules governing lawyers and paralegals, and the operation of a law office. Through the course sequence in the certificate program, NHTI graduates will be:

  • Able to assist in most aspects of legal research, and in the preparation of clear and concise legal writings, on a topic of their choosing
  • Introduced to Lexis/Nexis
  • Able to assist in virtually all phases of litigation and property transactions
  • Able to assist in the formation, daily administration, and dissolution of a corporate entity
  • Able to assist in the planning and administration of a decedent’s estate
  • Prepared to assist in the drafting of pleadings and in the completion of preliminary research in the area of family law
  • Exposed to the various elements of N.H.’s criminal practice and procedure
Stacey Peters
Department Chair
Paralegal Studies