ENGL240C: Cultural Identity Through Young Adult Fiction

Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 3
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Students will read, discuss, and evaluate a range of literature written for young adults (grades 8-12). This course will investigate the social and cultural norms presented to teens through the literature written for them. Students will consider whether YA literature is reflective of changing cultural norms or if the shifts in popular literature can shape the collective identity of a generation of teens. In addition to exploration of mass media spin-offs and popular literature fads, students will critically analyze the major contributing authors in modern YA literature and how the common themes teens deal with are handled by those authors. (Prerequisite: ENGL 101C or equivalent with a grade of C or higher, or permission of the department chair)


Students are required to pass prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher. Exceptions apply; please consult your department chair.