ADED161C: Dental Materials-DA

Allied Dental Education
Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 3 Lecture Hours 2
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Study of the composition and properties of materials used in dentistry. Lab sessions emphasize practice in manipulation of various materials.

  • Determine considerations when selecting dental materials to be used in the mouth.
  • Define the properties of dental materials for preventive measures or as direct restorative materials.
  • Define the properties of the dental materials used as indirect restorative materials that aid in restoring the oral cavity to optimum health.
  • Fabricate a study model demonstrating proper and accurate use of gypsum products.
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure when using alginate material to take an impression.
  • Compare and contrast alginate, agar hydrocolloid, rubber base impression material, impression compound, and zinc oxide eugenol impression material.
  • Explain the various types of waxes and their uses in dentistry.
  • Compare and contrast the various materials used as luting agents, liners, and bases.
  • Explain the composition of periodontal dressings and demonstrate the manipulation and application of the material on a dentex model.
  • Explain the composition, uses, and polymerization process of heat and cold cured resins.
  • Describe the fabrication and care of a denture.
  • Compare and contrast direct esthetic restorative materials including composite, glass ionomers, enamel adhesives, and dentin bonding agents.
  • Describe the composition and uses of the restorative material amalgam.
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for fabricating athletic mouth guards and whitening trays.