ADED114C: Clinical Dental Hygiene II

Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 8 Lecture Hours 1
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A continuation of Clinical Dental Hygiene I. Students will apply techniques learned directly on clinical patients. Emphasis is placed on the introduction of additional dental hygiene instruments, as well as dental health education techniques. A classroom seminar for learning activities and group discussion is included. All students enrolled in ADED 114C will be charged a $500 per semester clinical surcharge.


Students must pass all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher.
Learning Outcomes
  • Deliver dental hygiene care utilizing proper ethical, legal and professional behavior and dress. CG1
  • Provide dental hygiene services while adhering to current concepts of infection control to prevent the transmission of disease. CG1, 2
  • Perform assessment procedures to a student partner/patient following acceptable standards of care with respect to attainment of the following CG1, 2: Medical History and Vital Signs and smoking status; Dental, Family, Social and Cultural Background; Extraoral and Intraoral Exam; Dental Examination for Caries and Restorations; Evaluation of the periodontium; Detection of calculus; Occlusal Exam.
  • Apply and integrate the principles of accurate patient documentation that is maintained through record management and clinical portfolio organization, for thorough, accurate, organized, legible and legal documentation. CG1, 2
  • Implement effective dental hygiene interventions designed to assist the patient in achieving and maintaining oral health. CG 1
  • Integrate theory to practice in maintaining sharp instruments in order to effectively and efficiently perform basic principles of instrumentation on a patient so that debridement and deposit removal without tissue trauma may be attained. CG1
  • Perform and integrate basic principles of instrumentation on patients so that debridement and deposit removal may be performed with maximum effectiveness, safety and efficiency. CG1
  • Apply and integrate basic principles of coronal polishing on a patient so that biofilm and stain removal is attained. CG1
  • Integrate theory to practice in the application of topical fluoride to clinical patients. CG1
  • Demonstrate competent ergonomic positioning while delivering dental services. CG2
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of dental hygiene services and interventions designed to assist the patient in achieving and maintaining oral health. CG2
  • Summarize and communicate a plan for successful dental hygiene intervention prior to implementation in patient care. CG2
  • Utilize effective patient management skills throughout the dental appointment. CG1, 2
  • Manage medical emergencies and utilize basic life support if needed as authorized by certification in CPR. CG2
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills when advising completed patients of need for a continuing supportive care plan with a dental health care professional. CG1, 2
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of implemented patient education, preventive, and therapeutic service and make modifications if necessary to provide patient-centered care. CG2