VRTS135C: Introduction to Ceramics

Visual Arts
Credits 4 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 4 Lecture Hours 2
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Focuses on studio work leading to the completion of five projects. Students will learn the basics of handbuilding, the potter’s wheel, kiln firing, glazing, and surface embellishment. Class time will be made up of instructor’s demonstrations, group critiques, and individual studio work. Projects will stress the sculptural potential of clay with a visit into the aesthetic merit of functional vessel making. A research project, introducing students to the work of historical clay artists, will provide inspiration and direction. A $50 ceramic studio fee will be assessed.

  • Understand the workings of a clay studio and its equipment.
  • Create work with good craftsmanship through focused work time.
  • Understand the potential and limits within the medium of clay.
  • Critique work.
  • Recognize ceramic artists past and present.
  • Understand how to develop a personal and unique voice; use research and documentation skills; use wheel throwing, handbuilding, and plaster mold techniques; use self-discipline and time management; and understand ceramics studio safety.