VRTS101C: Name Introduction to Drawing

Visual Arts
Credits 4 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 4 Lecture Hours 2
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Students in this course will gain the basic skills and insights necessary to create drawings that are both accurate and expressive. Explorations of line, value, and form will engage the eye and the hand as well as the heart. Students will gain confidence in their own vision and their ability to draw what they see.

  • Understand and apply design elements and principles.
  • Demonstrate design/composition skills.
  • Describe proportions and spatial relationships between forms.
  • Demonstrate various drawing techniques.
  • Use spatial conventions.
  • Demonstrate hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Use of vocabulary of art terms and concepts.
  • Demonstrate critical skills as they pertain to creating and evaluating studio work.
  • Demonstrate a personal drawing style through expressive technique and subject matter.