PHIL110C: Introduction to Philosophy

Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 3
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Introduces the methods, problems, and theories of the main branches of philosophy and the indestructible questions raised in regard to reality, truth, morality, power, meaning, purpose, and valid reasoning. Topics to be considered include the basis for beliefs concerning the nature and existence of God, experience and reason in the development of knowledge, the mind and its place in nature, freedom and determinism, and the basis and nature of morality.

  • Understand and asnwer: What is philosophical thinking? Are all persons at heart egoistic? How can truth be established? Are there causal determinants of choice? How does one find purpose and meaning in life?
  • Explain classic arguments which illustrate basic philosophical principles.
  • Critically discuss the texts in philosophy.
  • Write analytically about topics in philosophy.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of classic and influential arguments concerning the structures of knowledge.
  • Show evidence of their reflection on beliefs and values.
  • Critically question several interpretations of basic philosophical positions.