MHTH187C: The Helping Relationship: Interpersonal Communication Skills for Today's Professional

Credits 4 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 4
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Knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics that are needed in today’s professional world of helping careers will be examined. Students will learn the purpose and skill of interpersonal communication techniques through various didactic and experiential methods. Coverage will include documentation and verbal and non-verbal communications, along with time management, self-management, and successful work practices. Dynamics of human behavior, culture, and specific needs seen in the workplace will be explored.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss interviewing, counseling, and psychotherapy and the requirements for each helping professional working in these skill areas.
  • Understand intentionality and cultural intentionality as skills as well as therapeutic processes and how each will assist you in your profession when working with a wide variety of clients.
  • Demonstrate your understanding on how to adapt your attending, listening, and responding skills to adapt to clients with diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Respond to ethical dilemmas facing them while working with clients.
  • Communicate the connection between stress, brain activity, neuroscience, and the helping connection of attending, listening, and responding.
  • Communicate the knowledge of each level of skill on the Microskill Hierarchy and how to apply these skills in a counseling session.