MATH151C: Introduction to Statistics

Credits 4
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An introduction to statistical reasoning. The focus of the course will be on the development of statistical literacy and statistical thinking through the examination of real-world data from a variety of contexts, including data sets that are of interest to students. The course engages students in projects focusing on activity-based instruction that integrates technology and emphasizes the conceptual understanding of the statistical concepts studied. Topics include sampling methods, descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and normal distributions, estimation, single-sample and two-sample hypothesis tests for means and proportions, regression, and correlation. Additional topics will be selected from contingency table analysis, multiple regression, and/or ANOVA. This course satisfies the Quantitative Reasoning requirement.


Students are required to pass prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher. Exceptions apply; please consult your department chair.
  • high school Algebra 1 or satisfactory placement exam score as defined by mathematics faculty or approval of Mathematics department chair