INDL101C: STEM in the First-Year Experience

Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 0 Lecture Hours 3
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Introduces new college students to a STEM field through integration with the social sciences and humanities while developing the “habits of mind” and academic skills critical to first-year college success. Through examination of a special topic, students will be challenged to reflect on the behaviors that both improve and impede their learning of specific subject matter and their overall academic progress. (Enrollment limited to first-time college students and transfer students with fewer than 12 credits by permission of authorized academic advisors. Interested students should contact the Advising Center.)

  • Discuss the essential characteristics of science as a process and the basic assumptions under which scientists work.
  • Evaluate the interaction between science and society, including common confusions or misunderstandings regarding science, the scientific method, and the status of scientific results or conclusions.
  • Explain the nuances of the course’s special topic, including the social, political, and economic effects.
  • Describe the ethical issues related to public policy and decisions individuals make about the special topic.
  • Develop scientific writing skills.
  • Identify and use campus resources.
  • Create academic and career plans.
  • Use effective self-assessment and self-management techniques.
  • Explain the importance of working harmoniously with people of diverse backgrounds.