IST218C: Mobile Application Development

Information Technology
Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 2 Lecture Hours 2
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A hands-on training course for designing and building mobile applications on the Android platform. This course walks students through a series of app-driven exercises showing the relationships among application building blocks.

  • Understand the architecture of an Android application.
  • Use Android Studio to develop simple to moderately complex Android apps using XML, Kotlin, and Java.
  • Use emulators and real devices for development, debugging, and testing apps.
  • Know the syntax of Kotlin or Java programming language as it pertains to Android programming.
  • Understand when to use XML and when to use Kotlin and Java for developing graphical user interface.
  • Configure and use “Gradle”, the compiler used by Android Studio.
  • Use touch, multitouch, and event handling in Android Studio including implicit and explicit intents and save and retrieve data.