ECE275C: Practicum 1 - Observation, Interpretation, Assessment, and Portfolio Documentation

Credits 4 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 7 Lecture Hours 2
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Students work in NHTI-approved early childhood education settings for children in infant/toddler care, preschool, or kindergarten under the supervision of early childhood mentor teachers. Students conduct an in-depth child study that includes documenting, interpreting, and assessing child observations. Students create, manage, and use portfolio documentation to generate invitations that support a child’s individuals goals (set by the student, mentor teacher, and family of the child). Students summarize, in narrative form, a child’s growth in developmental domains. All of this is used to plan and carry out two parent conferences. NHTI ECE faculty schedule site visits to review and evaluate student progress. If on-site visits are not applicable, videos of practicum students in action are required. The student will complete a total of 105 hours of field experience.


Students must pass all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher.

all 100-level ECE courses; a 2.5 minimum GPA in major field courses; permission of the ECE practicum coordinator; and submission of all required documents.