ARET103C: Architectural Graphics and Sketching

Architectural Engineering Technology: Architectural Focus
Credits 3 Lab/Practicum/Clinical Hours 2 Lecture Hours 2
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The first semester is devoted to the basic ways of representing architectural ideas graphically through the development of sketching and computer-aided-drawing (CAD) skills. Architectural line techniques, lettering styles, geometric construction, principles of projection, and drawing expression are the areas of early concentration. Architectural design issues are studied regarding residential planning and siting. The student produces floor plans, foundation plans, site plans, elevations, building sections, wall sections, and details. An introductory structural analysis for foundation loading is explored. Production of drawings by sketching and CAD demonstrates the student’s ability to perform.

  • CAD certificate and Industrial Design Technology students taking this course are not be required to register for ARET 120C.
  • For ARET and CVET students, this course is integrated with ARET 120C; therefore, it is recommend that they are taken together.