ANTH101C: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Credits 3

This course is an introduction to the perspectives, methods, and ideas of cultural anthropology and will analyze human diversity and similarities among people throughout the world, both western and non-western, through cross-cultural comparison. Topics include culture and society; ethnographic research; ethnocentrism and cultural relativism; how societies adapt to their environment; different forms of marriage and social relationships; male, female, and other forms of gender; the social functions of religion; and the processes of social-cultural change.

ANTH210C: Native American Studies I

Credits 3

A study of Indigenous North American cultures from ancient times to the 21st century. Native American cultures and traditions are studied, including lifeways, religion, ceremonies, arts, sovereignty, government, and social organizations. The course first focuses on ancient Mesoamerica. The study then proceeds to an in-depth review of the peoples and nations of North American culture areas, including the Northeast, Southeast, and the Great Plains, as well as the impact of settler colonialism.